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Top Ten Reasons Your Business Needs To Be with the El Paso Directory!

  1. We Create Your Ad For FREE - Don't have an ad yet? Don't worry, we are now offering to create your ad for FREE. We have teamed up with a local marketing and design group that helps create ads that work. And best of all it's FREE for our clients.

  2. Proven track record - Even though we are just on our second year, we have already received testimonial letters from several customers. 

  3. Affordable Rates - Because we carefully and strategically market our print magazine in your general area, our rates are very competitive. But, don't mistake the lower cost and meaning less results. Think of it as more bang for your buck!

  4. Specialized Distribution - We carefully monitor the distribution in your area. The El Paso Directory can be found in Wal-Marts, Albertsons, local schools, doctors offices, daycare centers, restaurants, apartment offices and other El Paso businesses.

  5. Proven Track Record -  Just ask our current clients. They say it all. Now only are you getting the best value for your money in advertising, but we also provide our advertisers many additional venues to help promote their business. Call today for details.

  6. Multiple Advertising Venues - We not only provide what you have found online and give you web presence, but place your ad in a print magazine. We also include circulation of inserts within your area and provide you with additional business opportunities at organized functions that Direct Marketing participates in.

  7. Unsurpassed Customer Service - We stay on top of our business which means we can help you stay on top of yours.

  8. Limited to Few Advertisers - Our magazine only allows a limited number of advertisers. so, don't worry about your ad getting lost in a sea of ads, like a newspaper or other printed mediums.

  9. Plans Available for Every Budget - We have plans that start at just $100/year and go from there. We have plans that fit just about any budget.

  10. You Receive an Entire Webpage Ad to Place More Information - Yes that's right. Not just the little ad with a few sentences to grab attention. Your webpage can include quite a bit about your business including products, services, hours of operation, specials and more. Think of the possibilities! Providing patent pending Micro-Websites ™ Certain requirements  must be met.



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FREE Placement of your Articles

FREE Webpage on our Website with a signed contract

FREE Postings of Events on Our Website and/or Calendar

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